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Faux Finishing Denver Class Offerings

Faux Finishing Denver

**** Faux Finishing Denver CLASS SCHEDULE ****

UPDATED Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 Denver Faux Painting CLASS SCHEDULE (pdf)

Faux Basics - Using Glazes and Stencil Relief $100.00
This class covers the basics on prep work, painting, color selection, basic tools, plus products available locally and online. Most finishes work well over knockdown and orange peel. Finishes: Colorwash and glazing, leather, linen, basic skip trowel and stencil relief (embossed). Lunch provided.

Textures - Rustic Elegance $ 100.00
This class covers prepwork for working over existing textures. Several different rustic, stone-like texturing products will be used. You will learn to tint plasters. overglaze, and layer products. We will make a brick sample, rustic linear and organic patterns. Finishes are great for walls, ceilings, columns, fireplaces and more.

Sophisticated Stenciling $ 65.00
Class includes basic stencilling with single and multiple overlays, how to shade and shadow. Use of theorem stencils (can be arranged to make design). Your stencilling will appear as if it was hand-painted or air-brushed. Work is done with paints and glaze. Stencil included - $20 value. Register 2 weeks in advance.

Advanced Sophisticated Stenciling - $ 65.00
This class takes it up a notch. Learn effective ways to use wallpaper stencils, single and overlay stencils. Multiple advanced techniques will be learned using waxes, pigments, metallics, and plasters. Recommended that you take Sophisticated Stenciling first. Register 2 weeks in advance.

Autumn Leaves $ 85.00
Create beautiful designs with leaves and acrylic Venetian plaster. Accent your piece with mica powders, pigments, and waxes. This finish is great for niches, focal walls, even to create an art piece for framing. Your friends and family will be impressed!

Crackle Finishes $ 65.00
Crackle finishes are excellent for decorative items, as random accents combined with other faux finishes. You will learn how to use crackle mediums with paints, plasters and specialty crackle plasters.

Cabinetry & Furniture Finishes $ 275.00
You can update your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry with a lot of hardwork, little mess, and some time. You will learn proper prepwork, painting, glazing, adding decoration, trim, plus more.

*** 1 week advance registration required ***
Homework includes going to Extras to find doors that are similar to your own. Extras is located near 58th & Broadway, www.extrabuild.com prices $5-10 per door

Paper Techniques $ 65.00
Add texture with tissue paper and anaglyptic (raised) papers. Finishes add elegance to your powder rooms or dining room ceilings, can mimic leather or add sparkle using metallics, and create "old tin ceilings" from years past.

Metallics - Paints & Plasters $ 75.00
Learn the different metallic products available in paint, plaster, and wax formulas, how to mix with glaze and use with various other plasters. Finishes well suited for formal powder rooms and dining rooms.

Venetian Plasters $ 75.00
This classes teaches the differences between Venetian Plasters on the market, how to deal with currently textured walls, the proper tools to use, one color, layered, and double loading trowels for marble effects. We may also use stencils to add designs.

Taste of Tuscany $172.00
Bring a touch of Tuscany to your kitchen, dining, or wine cellar by stencilling this old world look of grape vines onto walls and ceilings. Stencil has several overlays. Beginning Stencilling is recommended as a prerequisite. Cost of class includes stencil from Royal Design Studio. Stencil value = $72.00. If you choose not to purchase the stencil the charge is $100.00.