Enhancing your home with 
                     beautiful & unique custom finishes
Faux Illusions looks forward to assisting you transform your home into a beautiful, comfortable, space to relax after work or show off when entertaining family and friends.  Whatever your goals, color and texture can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home.   We will help you select the correct color scheme and finishes that evoke your personal style.   There are several finishes to choose from or we can custom create a finish that is perfect for you.  

Finishes Offered:
        Colorwashes & Glazing 
        Venetian Plasters - Marble & Lime-based                
        Luster Stone & Metallic Plasters
        Marmorino & European Plasters
        Stone Plasters for Olde World Finishes
        Leather Finishes
        Marbling & Granite - columns, switchplates
Metallic Finishes
        Specialty Wax Finishes
        Paper Finishes - Anaglypta
        Stencil Relief, Stenciling & Modellos
        Decorative - Stripes, Blocking, Children's Rooms
        Custom Painted Cabinetry - great for remodeling
Additional Services Include:                                                        

        Standard Painting,  Skim Coating, Texturing
Murals, Interior Decorating, Interior Design
Note:  these services may or may not be contracted 
        to our extensive list of preferred contractors.

Initial consult is no charge - evenings & weekends
        Quote is emailed along with contract
        10% retainer to put your project in the queue
        Samples created if necessary
        You are given a tentative schedule date
        40% paid on or just before start date
        50% at job completion
        Requires signed contract detailing finish selected
        Changes in finish may result in Change Order and 
                additional charges
        Payment terms are negotiable for projects over $5000
        No credit cards accepted at this time, although considering using PayPal

About Pricing:
        Many factors go into pricing.  Faux Illusions gives a project price.   Prices can vary greatly 
        based on type of finish.  A Colorwash is much less expensive than a Venetian Plaster due to
        labor intensity, number of layers, and product cost.  For this reason it is important to price                   compare like finishes when getting multiple quotes.

        Cost is also determined by room size, ceiling height, scaffolding, difficulty, and required 
        prepwork.  Some finishes require a smooth wall which can add cost to skim coat,  kitchens
        and bathrooms may require more taping. 

        Faux Illusions does their best to maintain a fair pricing structure.  We are always happy
        to answer any questions you have on how we determined the price for your project.
New Construction & Remodeling:
         When working on new construction and remodeling projects we prefer to get involved
         at the drywall stage so that we can assist you in determining texture for the areas where
         you decide to add a faux finish.  If you can select the texture we can save you time and
         money by letting you know if the area should be left smooth or even needs to be mudded
         at all.  There are many plaster products now that can be installed directly over unfinished

         We can also help you by applying faux finishes to fireplaces, columns, stove hoods, and
         other architectural elements.

         Faux Illusions can start working on plaster finishes while construction is still in progress.                     Colorwash and other glazing techniques should be done after all other contractors have
         left as they are extremely difficult to touch up.