Enhancing your home with 
                     beautiful & unique custom finishes
Selecting an Artist
Deciding to add some color and faux finishing to enhance your home can be a difficult decision.  There are several points to consider when selecting both a finish and a professional to assist you.

Selecting a Professional:

Does the artist have sample boards and photos of completed work?
Even new faux finishing artists should have sample boards and/or photos to show you.
If they do not ask to visit an installation to view their work.

Has the artist been professionally trained?
There are many options for professional training.  Even though there are good faux finishing
artists who have not attended classes, one who has may have a broader knowledge of products
and techniques. 

Do they have a variety of finishes in their portfolio?
If you are looking for a venetian plaster or similar troweled finish you may not want to hire an artist who has only colorwash samples.  The techniques for applying glazes and plaster textures
are very different.  Some faux finishing artists specialize in one or the other while others are quite
talented in both types of applications.

Are they knowledgeable in both product and technique?
The artist should be able to tell you what each finish is and if there is any specific prep work or problems that can occur with the installation of the finish.  For example, some finishes require smooth walls and others are difficult to touch up.

Do they have a good sense of color?
Color sense is reflected in the sample boards.  At least 70% of the faux finishing process is knowing how and which colors to put together to enhance your space.  

Are they honest, will they tell you if your selection is not good for your space?
There are numerous choices to select from but not all may be suitable for the space or style that you are trying to achieve.  This can also be true for color.  Faux Illusions will always let you know if your selection is not the best choice and make recommendations for similar finishes and/or colors that would be better.

Do they listen and understand your ideas, how the space will be used, the atmosphere you are trying to create, etc?
Expressing and understanding others' ideas can be difficult for all of us.  Poor communication
at the initial meeting may continue through the entire process resulting in an unpleasant experience for everyone. 
Ask the artist to repeat back to you what it is you are trying to
achieve and to show you examples that may work with your goals.  Faux finishing is an art
form interpreted differently by all.
  If the communication is not there, move on to  interview other faux finishing artists.

Who does the work?  If they have assistants how do they work to ensure the look is consistant?
Many faux finishing artist work alone however, on large jobs there may be a need to have help.
If there will be multiple artists involved you need to trust the principal artist to ensure the work will look the same.  Even though techniques and colors are the same, an area done by one artist make look slightly different than an area done by another.  There are ways to get around this by having each artist do a layer, or work in separate rooms, or do only prep work and clean up. 
Faux Illusions does use assistants for large projects.  We always have a plan in place to ensure
the work is consistant in all areas and looks like the selected sample board.  You will never be
able to tell that multiple hands have worked on your project.

Are you comfortable allowing the faux finisher in your home when you're at work?
Trust in this relationship is important.  You both must be comfortable with each other.  You are inviting this person into your home for several days or longer.  You need to know the artist will treat your home with respect as if it was their own.

Do they have fair and competitive pricing?
Prices can vary a great deal amoung artists and by finish.  Prices are determined by how long the job will take and the finish selected as well as many other factors.  Some artists price per square foot, day rates, or a project price.  Faux Illusions uses a project price which is the most fair option
for both the client and the artist.  We believe our prices are fair and at current market value.

Comparing Quotes:
If you are getting competitive quotes be sure to get pricing for like finishes.  You cannot compare the cost of a colorwash on a 100 sf space ($400 day rate) with the cost of a venetian plaster for the same space which could be $1000 or more.  The cost difference is large due to product costs, labor intensity, and the time it takes to do each finish.

If you receive quotes for like finishes and our quote is significantly higher we would like to know.  We pride ourselves on offering fair and competitive pricing while providing you with a quality finish using only the highest quality products on the market today.